Another New Header!/Cp News as of 4/15/08

Hey Penguins!

Its BB. Im very happy to say that my very own Header made totally by me has been posted to the web! I’m So Happy! Well I would very much like to know what you guys think! The publics thoughts are very important to me!.

In Other news, The new party is tomorrow! I heard its going to be awesome! It will also be Club Penguin’s First ever Mideval them Party! This is going to be a big big big month! The new player cards will be released very soon. Also the Penguin Mail will be coming soon too! This is going to be the biggest update to the post card system ever!!! Here is what BillyBob had to say.

Hello Penguins!

Wow! Thanks for all your great feedback on the feature updates we’ve shared so far. It’s totally helpful!

Because of all your help, you are going to be the first to hear about one of my favorite new features the team is working on! I’m really excited about it and could hardly wait to let you know about it!

Over and over again, we’ve heard great ideas from you about improving postcards and now that the new servers are up and running we can add some of them.

The feature is called ‘Penguin Mail’ and it will be launched in the next few weeks along with the other features. It will be the first of a few big updates to the current postcard system in Club Penguin.

The coolest thing you’ll be able to do as soon as it is launched is SAVE all the post cards you’ve received and you’ll finally be able to send post cards to buddies even when they’re not online!
I’ll have more details on Penguin Mail as it gets closer to release. As always, let us know what else you’d like to see and what you think of things so far!

Until then…
waddle on!
by Billybob
Well as you can see, Billybob is really excited and so am I! I can’t wait for all the new stuff.
Untill then…
Waddle on!


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