Red Mineing Helmet/Books Released

Hello Penguins!

Its Braybon9! When I logged on to Club Penguin tonight, I went into my inventory and saw i had a red mining helmet! It was really weird! So where ever went I saw some people had a red one, and other people had a regular one. This was a glitch I’m pretty sure. But what could of caused it? I don’t know. If any one else had it, please comment below.

Books Released!

The new books where released yesterday. There pretty cool so check them out!

~ by braybon9 on June 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Red Mineing Helmet/Books Released”

  1. where did u see that red mining helmet? huh
    Braybon9- Its in your inventory. The only way you could of got it is if you where a CPIP Tester. This is like the rare Beta Tester hat except its a mining hat thats red. And from my understanding this is going to be one of the RARER items you can find on Cp in the future. And from what i have heard it will NEVER be an item being sold in one of the catalogs.

  2. i want it

    give me it if u dont want it lol

  3. yo finally u totally rock u finally talked to me on clubpenguin! I love you! I dont really love you im just joking. U prolly Know wat i mean but im still just letting you kno that im joking! Thanx

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