Water Party!/New Stage/Crab?

Hello Penguins!

Its Braybon9! The Water Party started the other day and its really cool! Be sure to check it out! My favorite room is the Whale . Its really cool how you can go on the whale and waddle around! Also the Free items are the Inflatable duck, the shell for around your neck, and the ice cream Apron. I have some pics below of the more nice rooms. Some Rooms where very poorly decorated for the party (such as the town) I also have the free item Pictures Below.

I thought The beach was kinda cool.

I love the Ski village (The slide is the best!).

The Nightclub Was Really cool I thought!!! (I just didn’t like the music)

The Ice Rink Rocked!

I like the Dock!

The Free Items!

The Shell For your neck is at the Beach!

The Inflatable Duck is at the Cove!

The Ice Cream Apron is at the Plaza!

The New Stage!

The New stage was also released the same day as the party! The Script is not very interesting! Because all that they really say is the same thing over and over, so its kinda Dumb! Well here is a picture!

Whats Up With The Crab?

I noticed that about every fifteen minutes a crab appears in the Mine and the pool! Its the same one from the mission! I think its releated to the new mission coming out. Well here is a pic.

Sorry For the bad images I don’t know why they are like this!



~ by braybon9 on June 17, 2008.

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