Braybon9’s poll (again)

Hello Penguins!

Its Braybon9. I just wanted to show you guys my poll again well here it is!


more polls coming soon!!!!!

~ by braybon9 on June 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Braybon9’s poll (again)”

  1. I dont not like him, but i dont really know him so, i cant answer. once we become better friends, i may be able to answer!

  2. your blog is actually worth $1,693.62 you have to type in http:// at the beginning and another / at the end for it to be accurate.

  3. dont click he link it was an accident

  4. I love your site, and you are kind to everyone, thats a sign in a good person, would you please join my Rico Agents [Club Penguin agents to keep Club Penguin safe and extra fun]., and don’t forget, you must go to the Join Now page…

  5. Thanks wurburt, and wow!!!!! 😯

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