MXG Final War Info!/ Sports Cat/ Rockhopper returns!

Hello Penguins!

It’s Braybon9! Battle has come to the small forces of MXG. Togther we can win the battle of Yeti. I want all battle Penguins there in full MXG uniforms! Go to the MXG website to look at the uniforms and join MXG!! Here is the final date and time of the battle.

Day- June 28

Time- 3:00 PM PST

Server- Yeti

Room- Dojo, dock , Beach

New Sports Catalog!

The New sports catalog was released today! its really cool! This month they have sports balls to play with! its really cool! The them of this month’s catalog is Basketball.

Rockhopper Returns!!!!!

Rockhopper returned to the island today. He brought some really cool clothing in his catalog. My favorite is the Ship in a bottle. Its really cool for your igloo. If you look on his message board, on his things to do list, It says he is going to shave his beard! Well lets see if he does lol. 


~ by braybon9 on June 27, 2008.

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