MXG WON!!!/ Battle Again

Hello Penguins!

Its Braybon9! The Mafia X Gang took control of Yeti on June 28. I have a list of servers we control on the Mafia X Gang’s Website for a link to the page click here! Any Ways, I delcared war on them oncew again. The only reason i did this so quickley was because i wanted to take control of the server mammoth. This will be a KEY server for all battle’s we have. Well here is the date and time!

Date- July 1

Time- 1:00 PM PST

Server- Mammoth

Rooms- Cove, Dojo, Iceberg

This info is for all Mafia X Gang Members- We will meet at the cove. Then will destroy the Cp Seals Once again!!!.

Edit- If you are in the Mafia X Gang the Meeting place has been sent out by Email.

~ by braybon9 on June 28, 2008.

16 Responses to “MXG WON!!!/ Battle Again”

  1. listen! the cp seals destroyed your site, so i made a new one,, and i wanted your permission!

  2. maybe we should wait a little longer.

  3. TeeHee. You THINK you won. Captain Dogb6 and Captain 50cent254 say otherwise!! Nice job getting captured by Dogb6 though! I can tell your a week warrior because your to self concious. When you lose (like the mammoth battle) you’ll make a stewpid excuse to get around your loss! And, thanks for telling me your starting base! You do know there is only one way out of the cove. I’ll meet your there at the cove, Braybon9.
    -Admiral Micro Nik
    Braybon9- So you think mic, so you think…
    Mammoth Battle Veteran

  4. Oh yeah, and Mammoth is already ours because you didnt show up at the battle.

  5. dogb wasnt there and i have proof at

  6. and just because they said they won doesn’t mean its true.

  7. Micronik is a loser 😛


  9. we didnt get captured by dogb6, he wasnt even there stupid!

    micronik stinks!!!!11!!!!! i hate your cp cheats site. I cant believe i talked you out of deleting it! you should definitely delete it (loser)
    Braybon9- Dogb was there but he came about an hour after the battle.

  10. MXG/UCPA forever!

  11. Man! Wurbert is SOOOO CENSORED!

  12. so, your Mafia X Gang site as sespended by WP for violation of Terms of Service! HAHA!

  13. Hey Braybon9,
    What do you mean the the “Cp Seals destroyed the site”? Is that about the Mafia X Gang site? What happended


  15. He means that Snoop what ever the numbers are is pretending to hold the site hostage. He says we have to lie that you guys won the battle. It will never happen. anyone who is that desperate to win isn’t cool. In fact, they are losers!

    Braybon9- Snoop is 50cent254, he created that so he could take over the site, I dont think he will be messing with the site anymore though. Check to see. And good point tree.

  16. No rules for the battle just snowballs. No captures. The team with the most members wins. Thats final

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