New Features Almost Ready to Launch!

Hello Penguins!

It’s Braybon9! The New Features are almost ready to launch!! Here is what they are all going to be!

Here’s a summary of the features we’ve been talking about and what will be launched:

  • New server selection (recommended servers and buddies easier to find)
  • Igloo background!
  • Penguin Mail (sending and receiving postcards improved)
  • Player Card update (sorting items by category)

They should all be launched by late this week (like Friday)

Untill then…

Waddle on!


~ by braybon9 on July 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “New Features Almost Ready to Launch!”

  1. Hi its me just telling u that lance got an psp! thought u would want to know! bye


  3. Does he have music on it such as ROCKSTAR?

  4. no he has star wars and he gose on the internet

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