New way to choose winner!

Hello Penguins!!

The igloo contest just ended! And i have picked a diffrent way to pick the winner! Ok there is a poll at the bottom of  this post! Its to pick witch igloo YOU (yes you) think is the best out of the too igloos! Ok Here are the two igloos!

Wurburt45348’s igloo (look up lol! ^^^). (Aznmonkey10)’s igloo (look up lol! ^^^)

Ok, Choose your favorite igloo!

Note- The poll is only open untill tomorrow morning at Eastren time- Noon Central time- 11:00AM Moutain time- 10:00AM and PST 9:00 AM! Make sure you vote! Who will be the Winner….

~ by braybon9 on August 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “New way to choose winner!”

  1. I really hope I win dude 😀

  2. same, im saving up for a free membership for my friend 😀

  3. lol i am too, good luck then wurburt!

    wurb: thanks, i wish you luck also 🙂

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