New Author

Hey peepz, you can call me Aznmonkey10 or Blowsight10 wither way works perfectly fine. As you can see, I am the new Author on Braybon site. I will be helping Macarticantics with updates and such as well as my own updates and posts. I got a blog of my own too and it is I am a member on CP but I dont play it much anymore only when there are new stuff, but I’ll still paly it jux for the heck of it and the items, so I’ll be staying as a member for along time until I giveaway my penguin, who is over a yr old now 😀 Anywayz, that all I jux wanted to say and introduce myself on here and here iz a pic of my penguin too

~Aznmonkey10 A.K.A. Blowsight10~

~ by blowsight10 on August 13, 2008.

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