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Here you can ask me any questions about Club Penguin or me. Please Feel Free to ask anything, even if its kinda dumb. If you would like to ask me a private question, Please Email me.


102 Responses to “Ask Braybon9”

  1. are u a boy or girl and this is not a dumb its important my 6th grad teacher wants to know this and so do I!
    Braybon9- Im both, DUH YOU KNOW THAT I’M A BOY!!!! DON’T ASK ANY MORE DUMB QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. do you floss?

  3. how many fingers do you have

  4. do you like cheese

  5. what did you drink on april 4 at 3:00?

  6. they are not dumb

  7. Yes they are Windex!

  8. they are not meaner

  9. I love you

    Braybon9- Um, OK? 😯

  10. do you kno laroo1230?

  11. because i kno on clubpenguin a person named braybon9 @_@

  12. srry that the comment is so long

  13. Srry Brundog, but i deleted your comment Bc it had personal info in it. I will answer you by Email. Check to see my answer! :d

  14. thanx for answering my questions but can we please be friends or can u at least tell me y u dont like me as a friend in an e mail. and talk to me on clubpenguin please. i miss u guys.

  15. delete that last comment right after u read it ok

  16. @_@

  17. im bored hi ppl

  18. who is brundog?????
    Braybon9- Its Carissa

  19. braybon tell me in an e-mail

  20. Ru going to nolans party??

  21. sweet!

  22. I know!!!

  23. WE get to sleep over in his fort thing that he has out back πŸ˜€ !! the only bad thing is Christain might not be sleeping ova 😦

  24. dude he never sleeps over, witch stinks:mad:

  25. Nick cant make it eather 😑 and nolans brother is soooooo enoing πŸ™„

  26. i might not be able to sleep ova eather!!! πŸ˜₯


  28. Hey, this site is looking really nice!

  29. hey banbon9 i hav a problem on how to get FREE music and i cant get lime wire and itunes is protected so yah um could u plz tell me how to get music free! if u want to kno wat meh site is
    Braybon9- If you want to visit his site it is on my Blog roll.

  30. Are you a Sikh or Hindu?

  31. WTH?

  32. yo i dont no wat to do how do i get rid of the other brundog is there a way i can delete it let me know plz

  33. who is Mr cool

  34. who is mrs cool

  35. brundog is G@Y

  36. is It Mrs.C????

  37. no i meant how do u get free music with out limeire or itunes for clubpenguin music videos

  38. hey bulb why am i gay do i no u do u go to my school i think ur noah cuz ur usually the one who is mean to me braybon is bulb noah let me no

  39. omg ._. You guys ask such weird questions!

  40. brundog is not cool!!! anser to thats my name dont where it out

  41. braybon can u sleep ova at nolans party?!?!?!

  42. Err….a Mrs. Cool actually posted here Bulb, if you look a few posts above you. -.-

  43. Im not even coming to nolans party now 😦

  44. yo i dont know wat to do yesterday there wuz only 1 brundog now there r two plz tell me how to get rid of ther other one or can u get rid of it cuz im the only one w/ a brundog name cuz i made one then i went on here at my gram’s house and there were two brundogs plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Y NOT!!!!!!

  46. this stinks because i will be the only one sleeping ova!

  47. Uhhhhh Buld idc! Do you even no who i am? Im Hannah u idiot! At school i told u who i waz duh!
    Braybon9- No you are hannah ur G@y even though you are a girl (or are you….).

  48. wat happened to clubpenguin it is totally different plz tell me

  49. Hi everybody. Please go to my site, it is always updated very quickly and always has screenshots. There is a page where YOU CAN ASK ME ANY QUESTION ABOUT CP AND GET AN ANSWEAR IN 24 HOURS. We have downloadable CP cursors, game instructions,mission instructions and so much more. You can even download all the room, game, party, and igloo music. Just take a look when you have a min.

  50. i quit cp i only go on it sometimez .-.
    Braybon9- WTH?!?!?

  51. mrs cool is meeeean

  52. no she isnt your mean bulb
    Braybon9- Well your Retarted if ya ask me :chuckle:

  53. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Ta Da

  54. oh shut up Noah!

  55. what color hair does your great aunt have

  56. do u have a girlfriend

  57. did you eat ice cream yesterday

  58. am i annoying you

  59. Hey braybon, I was wondering if there are gonna be a fashion contest or any upcoming newer contests to win PP ptz?
    Braybon9-Yep! There is going to be a clothing contest soon I getting it together!

  60. the uma stinks
    Braybon9- :/ ❓

  61. u stinks lol. no they dont. btw, the cpff and MXG acn be allies

  62. um… ok! :/

  63. wow ur sad bub aka noah who is not the ppular kid n the class he is mean and he is a geek who hangs u with th other two geeks named chris and dmien im popular an cool and im not mean. Unlike Bulb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. brundog aka carissa is a low life loser! she has no life at all!
    she thinks she is good at b-ball and skate bording but she stinks at both!! she is in love with chris the biggest loser in the class besides herself. she said that i waz a loser to cover her g@y and loser butt. this is what she lookes like 😈 she even has horns! PS she eats poop!

  65. pss i dont hang out with losers

  66. carissa is the biggest loser i know!! she thinks she’s all that but shes not. she is in love with the loser of the class chris. she is sooooooo dumb. she also likes damian. i found a note that said she wanted to go to damians house and eat chips with him! she is lame and not ppular at all! in fact this kid spencer broke up with her because she talked to much.

  67. I AGREE WITH BULB!!!! πŸ˜›

  68. This Comment Has been Deleted Due to a comment by my school Principle. ( This is by me not the Principle). πŸ˜€

  69. im happy u banned her[tee hee hee]

  70. brundog is a big fat g@y loser!! πŸ™„

  71. :mrgreen: 😦 πŸ˜₯ 😑 😈

  72. :p

  73. im not in this argument at all cuz i know none of you people! lol

  74. ur funny wurburt!

  75. i know!
    Braybon9- U are!!! LOL

  76. yess

  77. HeLLo

  78. Yo its Iggy’s brother. Another thing to add about brundog is that she is a STALKER!!!!!!!

  79. Corectomondo Nitrous02 !


  81. Hey Braybon, I know i can be a bitch to u somtimes, but if u give me a second chance, I try to be nicer to u. Plz dont write anything mean back. And I know Carissa can get REALLY ANNOYING SOMETIMES!!

  82. hi DONT SAY MY NAME this is Aly. ill se u in school.

  83. yo braybon i second wat hannah said im really sry all the times i have been pissed off at u 4 no reason sry hope we can be better friends in midle school

  84. ya go aly!

  85. yo aly and hannah wat home room ru people in
    Braybon9- Not in yours! Member, they where not at Camp Cougar!

  86. :chucle:

  87. football is fun!!!!!!!!!

  88. hey uh i was wondering if being a member on cp was worth it, is it?
    Braybon9- Yes! It really is i love being a member! Though i can’t log on at the moment 😦 But being a member R O C K S !!!!

  89. it is really worth it!!!

  90. :0 πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  91. :0

  92. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  93. Hannah im am not retarted i know you are Mrs Awesome and Star00035 so just get out of here! All of you people are gonna be banned if you dont stop!!! :ANGRY:

  94. okok!! What ever! Im just trying to be nice to u people!! I dont think trying to be nice is a bad thing.. Oh and dont banned me.. i ❀ this site… And to answer Bulb.. Im in 108 and so is aly
    Braybon9- Ha ha Mr. Freed!

  95. and i never said u were retarted
    Braybon9-Its fine Hannah.

  96. and what do u meen im Mrs Awsome?? Where did u get that from?? Im not Star0035 or watever it is..

  97. you just addmeteted it Mrs cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Sorry Hannah, It was Carissa πŸ™„ !

  99. Ok Guys you heard what the principle said! No Ciber Bulling anymore!

  100. wow i cant beleive io mist this fight πŸ˜₯ anyway what do u mean about the princible don’t say my name

  101. hey!!!!

  102. who is Carrisa?

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