Manage your Penguin Points Account

70Here is where you can manage your Penguin Points! If you dont have a PP account ask me to create one! Look for your Penguin name below to see your PPs!

ourgreenteam- 5 PPs

blowsight10- 70 PPs

Aubree453- 5 PPs

Spurs1996- 5 PPs

Micro Nik- 10 PPs

tussank- 5 PPs

Alexisnanaoo23- 5 PPs

Glen1515- 5 PPs

Bulb- 5 PPs

Want to buy some thing? Contact me!!


14 Responses to “Manage your Penguin Points Account”

  1. can i get a few penguin points for being cool 8)

  2. lol, nice dude 😛

  3. no but i will give you five for visiting the site today!

  4. hey braybon9, what iz with the ’70’ at the beginning of this post?

  5. oh kool dude! you created a page juz for us and our pp’s ptz!

  6. Ok Deal thanks

  7. braybon9 can you give me my own page like blowsight and put me on the chart!

  8. how do I get points!

  9. cool! i visit your site every day.

  10. braybon9, what is our password to get into our pp’s account?

  11. hey braybon, you havent gave me the pp’s ptz

  12. What is my acount password?

  13. Can I have a account!

  14. can i have a acount pleas

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