You tube Videos- Club Penguin

The End of Club Penguin- Movie Trailer

I thought that video was pretty Cool! did you?

Nachoz Rule For Prez Of Cp

This is Funny I thought!

Rockstar by nickelback- Club Penguin


6 Responses to “You tube Videos- Club Penguin”

  1. I thought These Vids Where Cool and Funny! Did You? Reply Below.

  2. yo dude braybon nacho rulez for president is soooo is very funny. it is awesome e mail me anytime and delete this k bye

  3. Yo Brundog, I don’t have to delete your comments!


  5. i have a utube account (i only have 1 vid tho)

    check it out

  6. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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